Packman Disposable | Sunset Gelato (Hybrid)

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Packman Disposable | Sunset Gelato (Hybrid)

official packman disposable Sunset Gelato is a hybrid strain flavor, created by crossing the exquisite Sunset Sherbet and Gelato strains. With this bud, flavor is everything. Buy Packman. Sunset Gelato has a sweet fruity candy flavor enhanced by zesty tropical fruits and mild spices.

The perfume is earthy with a pungent berry overtone, complemented by tropical fruits and sweet candies. The Sunset Gelato high is as eye-opening as the flavor, with calming effects ideal for a relaxed afternoon. The Sunset Gelato high begins with a gentle elevated impact that works its way into your brain, instilling pure joyful creativity and a light boost of mental energy. official packman


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