Packman Starburst Runtz ( SATIVA)

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Packman 2g disposable flavors also PackMan Starburst RuntzĀ  known as “Starburst” or “Starburst kush,” Packman Starburst runtz are a well-balanced hybrid strain that resulted from crossing the potent Fire OG and Pre-98 Bubba kush strains. Called after the amazing candies, this bud has a flavor similar to yellow tea and calming properties as well.

Nevertheless, Starburst Runtz do have a flavor similar to a tart and sweet lemon candy. The scent becomes more intense, exhibiting undertones of savory diesel and top pine. Early on in the Packman Starburst OG high, euphoric effects and eye-opening hit quickly and fast, making it astonishingly energetic as well. Your senses will improve and you’ll experience a wave of clarity that leaves you feeling nearly. Pack Man Starburst Runtz. packman 2g disposable flavors.


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