Pack Man Blue AirHeadz (10pc) Master Box

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Pack Man Blue AirHeadz (10pc) Master Box



Pack Man Blue AirHeadz (10pc) Master

Packman disposable comes with 11 amazing flavors which includes the pack man 5 limited edition flavors that will set the bar higher, separating Pack Man from everything on the market. Buy Pack man Disposables Online with Best Vapes Cart to the World. Buy Pack Man Blue AirHeaz Disposable online order PackMan Blue AirHeadz


  • Flavor Description: Packman Blue Airheads is made from the Airheadz strain, which is an indica cannabis strain resulting from a cross between the famous Runtz and Pink Runtz strains. This flavor has a flowery, chestnutty taste to it, making it quite distinct12.Effects: When it comes to effects, Packman Blue Airheads is not your typical disposable vape. Some common effects associated with this flavor include:
    • Increased chattiness and receptiveness to new ideas.
    • Improved focus and concentration for some users.
    • Tingling sensations and giggles in others.
    • Calming and relaxing effects for some individuals.  pack man blue airheadz (10pc) master box

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