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order packman cereal skunk buy packman cereal online The hybrid strain known as Pack Man Cereal Skunk is predominantly indica and boasts an impressive THC range of up to 25 percent and about 4 percent.

This strain has hefty, medium-green buds with lots of trichomes that resemble Christmas trees in shape.

These disposables are available in packs ranging from 100 pieces to 500 pieces. Whether you’re traveling or running errands, Packman Disposables have got you covered! You can find them online on their official website or at select smoke shops and dispensaries across the U.S., Canada, Australia, and parts of Europe. Certainly! Packman Cereal Skunk is one of the more unique flavors from Packman. It’s made from the Cereal Skunk strain, which is an indica cannabis strain resulting from a cross between Cereal Milk and Big Bud. Much like its parent strain, this flavor has a sweet cereal-like taste to it.


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